New Marvel and DC films: Be happy!

It was a pure case of sensory overload when I first heard about the new slate of movies from both Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. owned-DC. With every film mentioned from "Captain America Civil War" to "Doctor Strange" to "Justice League" to "Wonder Woman," it seems that in the next few years, the dreams of myself and other comic fans are finally coming true. Even in the near future, we have films waiting in the wings such as "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice," and "Avengers 2: Age of Ultron."

So why aren't we all jumping for joy about this? Instead, the vast majority are taking sides based on their brand loyalty. Marvel fans automatically reject any films from DC, and vice-versa from Detective Comics supporters about Marvel's movies. Even within the Marvel camp there is a division between "Marvel Studios" movies and Marvel films produced by other studios such as Sony and 20th Century Fox. The most common argument stems from Marvel fans on how DC is copying them with their announced films for the future. Well, of course they are! Should they do something that's not successful and makes alot of sense in creating films that fans want to see? As much as we all enjoyed watching Marvel make history by merging their "Captain America," "Iron Man," "Hulk," and "Thor" films into the massively exciting "Avengers," who of us wouldn't want to see DC do the same thing with its Justice League characters? Some forget that it was Warner Brothers and DC who created the first batch of successful comic films with the "Superman" and "Batman" franchises in the 1980s and 1990s, which helped pave the way for Marvel to take comic adaptations to a higher level in the early 2000s.  So, in retrospect, the evolution of  comic films has been a joint effort.

So enough with the brand allegiances, and enough with the judging of films that have no trailers yet. This may be a foreign concept these days, but we all must have faith in companies and studios that have so far respected the heart of all of our favorite comic book properties (even the worst comic films in the last two decades can't compare to films like "Superman 4," "Batman and Robin," and the original "Captain America" film in the '90s). Let's reserve judgment on these films until they have actual footage to show us, let's be excited that we've reached a point in entertainment where comic films from both Marvel and DC are on the rise into the next decade. So for all of that, let's just be happy, okay?