Pasadena Comic and Toy Show:

It was quite the busy weekend for me. After attending a friend's birthday party bar-hopping in Santa Monica saturday night (and early sunday morning), I spent sunday afternoon at the Pasadena Comic and Toy Show. It was the first time I attended the show, which was a small but vibrant local show located at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium's exhibit hall. It was only $5 to enter, but my main reason for going was to support and talk shop with the many artist and entertainment friends I've met since becoming an artist alley vendor back in 2010. Some had told me they would be their in some capacity, while others truly surprised me by their appearance.

As I walked in the door, the first person I ran into was Marcelo Lewin, who runs the site: I heard about his site last year while exhibiting at Wondercon Anaheim last year, and had my comics published on his online store. We exchanged emails back and forth so much, that it was nice to meet in person for a change. He also did a short interview on me at Central Coast Comic Con in Ventura last year. He was on his way out when I arrived, so we just said a few words to each other before parting ways. Next were fellow comic professionals from C.A.P.S. (Comic Arts Professional Society), an organization that meets on the 2nd thursday of every month at the Animation Guild in Burbank. Members Aiden Casserly, Sergio Aragones, Yehudi Mercado, Lonnie Millsap, and Scott Shaw were all there as exhibitors, and they told me about some of the upcoming topics for this thursday's meeting. Rounding the back of the hall I see the great Joe Williamson, promoter extraordinare, and one of the organizers of the San Fernando Valley Comic Convention that I exhibit at alot. He's also a great friend of mine who has set me up on countless podcast interviews and radio shows to promote my work. We spoke a bit about the progress of a freelance comic project I'm producing for a friend of his. Also present were friends of his that I heard of, but didn't officially meet until this show: Actor/Director/Podcast Host Thomas Churchill, and Actor/Singer/Video Blogger Priscilla Soltero. I was formally introduced to both of them through Joe, and we exchanged business cards while talking a little bit about what we did in entertainment. The very last person I ran into was my good buddy and former co-worker, Mark Rivers and his girlfriend Kamiel Harrison at their table. I spent my last hour at the show chatting with them about old times at work, comic projects, and so forth. I had no idea he would be there, and just happened to run into Kammy on the show floor as I was on my way out. I picked up a few items from Sergio's and Mark's table before I did so.

So, as I headed out of the convention to get a brick-oven baked pizza from Blaze before I headed back to North Hollywood via Metro Rail, I felt glad that I attended this show, as it was an extended meeting of creative, artistic minds for me. And while I didn't have the money to exhibit there, it was great to go and simply support and talk to my friends. Don't worry guys, I'll be back on the other side of the table very soon!