Baldwin Park Comic Expo

While I usually do a blog once a week, this time I changed up my usual schedule as I really had nothing interesting to talk about until my first convention appearance in three months. How did it turn out? Great of course, since I'm willing to devote a column to it.

Seriously though, I was very satisfied with this year's Baldwin Park Comic Expo, located in the San Bernardino region of Southern California east of Pasadena. I had exhibited here two years prior, and my customer interaction and sales were nothing much to write home about, but It was another opportunity to get my work out to the public (and an affordable one at that at just $35 for an artist table). This year was different in the best way possible, having sold 7 books and making a profit of $50.00 (I sold 3-4 books the last two years and made only $25). The crowd this year was even better two. This is not a large show with a busy crowd by any means ( the show lasts only one day on a Saturday for about five hours), but the family crowds are very appreciative of everything they see, from the art workshops and art gallery upstairs to the artist vendors on the main floor. Aside from the improved sales I had, the other great experience from this convention were that alot of my friends were able to come out at attend/exhibit. My good friend, stand-up comedian Andy Cogan, showed up to help out with sales while I took bathroom breaks, and I was also able to bring in new talent to the show in the form of three exhibitor buddies Paul Jamison of Superhero Network, and The Dillons Barbra and Bryant of Fanboy Comics. They really enjoyed the show as well and thanked me for recommending it. It was a great feeling to help out fellow artists who have always done the same for me with reviewing my books and sharing hotels at out-of-town conventions.  Some sale highlights of the day included a sale initiated by Andy while I took a went upstairs to use the bathroom and view the gallery, and a 15 minutes before closing final purchase by a woman picking up some comics for her two sons. She had no cash, so I put my square credit card reader to use for the first time at that show. Had I forgotten to bring it, I'd have missed out on a $10.00 sale (well, $9.72 to be exact. Square has to get their cut somehow, but money's money).

My final thoughts for this show: Once again, a much improved crowd and sales performance from the last two years. Great to see so many people I knew exhibiting along with me, and a special thanks to Andy Cogan for coming out to support me. I'll return the favor at his comedy shows next week in North Hollywood and Silverlake. The only improvement this show needs is an updated website or facebook page to inform new attendees. The only reason I heard about it was because I did the show the previous two years, so they just need to do some updates and promotion on their  facebook page for next year. Other than that, Baldwin Park Comic Expo is a great little show that can only get better with time!