Carter Comics gets a "Meltdown!"

This past wednesday I did my second signing at, what a good friend of mine described as, "the carnegie hall of comic shops."  Meltdown Comics and Collectibles, located off Sunset boulevard in Hollywood, is THE place to be for any comic fan or aspiring comic creator. The store is more than just comics, but also live podcasts, and even comedy shows in their back room. As excited as I was to be doing a signing here, I was equally as nervous in getting there on time. Since I was starting my new job this past week that ended at 6:30 p.m. everyday, I meticulously checked google maps on my phone to make sure I could take the best route from my job in Glendale, to arrive at the Comic shop by 7:30. Driving to the shop the day before I started work to get a better idea of the route, parking, and meeting the manager in person definitely helped, as when the big day finally came, I got there just in time and lucked out with the last 10 hour parking spot right across the street from the store. Once I entered the shop to set up, my good friend Mark Riccardi was there to both greet me and help me out with grabbing my inventory and supplies from my car. Then more friends and family came by throughout the night to lend their support: fellow artist friends Christie Shinn and Saddler Ward, and both my mother and sister. It helped to make for great conversation and draw attention to my table when customers came in. While most of my sales were from visiting friends and family, I did make a few sales from customers passing by who took an interest in my work. The toughest part of this signing was getting used to customers paying for my books at the shop register, rather than directly from me. At the end of the night, I had to remind the clerk about splitting up the profits made from my show, so they can email me my share to my paypal account. Even though I sold less books there than my first signing at Pulp Fiction comics the month before, I'm still glad I did this signing----mostly due to the fact that the name recognition of Meltdown Comics carries alot of weight with comic and even some non-comic fans who have passed by the store. Just mentioning that I did a signing there can make people who may not be completely aware of my work, start to take me seriously. I'm already looking forward to my next two appearances at both Emerald Knights Comics and Games in Burbank on Saturday August 29th, and at San Fernando Valley Comic Con on Sunday August 30th. Expect to hear about my thoughts regarding both of those events in one big blog. Tune in next week when I talk about the latest thing that interests me. Until then!