A second chance.

I normally don't talk about myself that much. Instead, I just talk about my interests and opinions on certain topics, I had to change that way of thinking this week, however, as something happened to me that I had been wishing, hoping and praying for two years (that's right, two years): I finally got another job.

While my career as an independent comic creator and freelance artist has been blossoming in that two year time frame with interviews, book reviews, convention appearances, two freelance comic projects, and comic shop book signings, what has been missing was a 9-5 occupation and a steady income to support it. As you may or may not know, the last two years of my life have been extremely rough, having only been able to secure three very short-term jobs and having to move out of a shared apartment to stay with a relative. Then at the same time, having to cope with the death of my father. What followed was a dual journey: Looking for another full-time job while promoting and selling my comics any way that I could.  But for every door that opened on the independent comic front, several doors closed on job after job that I applied and interviewed for. No matter how frustrated and depressed that made me, however, I never gave up. I got up, dusted myself off, and looked for the next opportunity. I was told that this amazing persistence comes from my father, and I'm sure that he was watching over me when I interviewed last week for the position I finally got hired for. One recruiter, two interviews, and a stack of paperwork later, I was officially part of the work force once again as of last thursday. While the hiring manager had told me the news first after my second interview on monday, I never truly believed it until after I filled out the paperwork and passed the background check. Being out of work for so long can make you that paranoid. Now, I have to keep reminding myself that I actually have the job and will start next tuesday. I also have to tell myself not to be nervous during my first day, despite my large work gap. I will be fine, and this will be the first step in rebuilding my life in both a personal and financial sense. I've just been granted the one thing that alot of people rarely get, if ever: A second chance.