New year, New schedule, New approach.

Happy 2017 everyone!

I know that I haven't written anything here in quite some time, but I needed to get my priorities in order both my professional and personal life---which will be the focus of this blog. So, the weekly schedule I started with this back in late 2014 will now be a monthly one.

2016 was an incredibly busy year for me, both at my day job and at Carter Comics. A total of sixteen conventions (which would have been seventeen if my poor health hadn't caused me to cancel one appearance), a full year of Mongoose Mondays, comic page work on Damn Tourists issue 4, completion of my third freelance project Slade Minister, and a fourth freelance project that was later terminated. For 2017 I'm going to reduce the number of conventions I exhibit at, focusing more on the quality of the show, rather than the quantity of shows that I do. So far I'm booked for six shows between January and April: The brand new three-day show Earth Realm Comic Con in Highland Park, Pasadena Comic and Toy Show, the two-day event Tulare Sci-Fi Con, The Hive Art Gallery Bazaar in Downtown LA, and two three-day extravaganzas at Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose, and my biggest show of the year: Wondercon in Anaheim. I will also be completing my fourth issue of my satire comic book series "Damn Tourists" at the end of February, resuming work on Cosmic Force #6 in March, ordering alternate covers for my Damn Tourists #1 and Mongoose Monday titles, creating new Mongoose Monday Facebook games featuring literal band name illustrations, and streamlining the look of my Carter Comics brand using a signature orange color for T-Shirts, table covers, business cards, and more.

That is alot to do just in the first four months of the year to be sure, but I'm just gonna take things one at a time unlike last year. There will be plenty of time to rest between projects as to not "burn myself out" as I've done many times before.  Well, that's it for this month. Come back here in February to read about the results of my first show and new merchandise. Best wishes to all of you for a great 2017 and I'll see you later!