What's new with Carter Comics in 2018:

Yes, we're already three months into the year, and some of the new projects and techniques that I wanted to try out with Carter Comics are currently in progress. Others have yet to be used.........but they will be. Here's a quick list of what's new and what's kind-of-new at the ol' C.C. headquarters:

Cosmic Force #6: "Aftermath Part Two."  Following the completion of Damn Tourist #4 last February,  and the reminders of convention fans who purchased my previous 5 issues of the science-fiction/suspense series, this sixth issue will be finally finished at the end of April. Unfortunately, that won't be in time for my biggest show of the year Wondercon, but it will be ready for my May shows East LA C.A.P.E. and Comic Con Revolution. The reason for the delay was the same as for Damn Tourists #4: moving, personal issues, and two freelance projects. It will all be worth it though, as the ending of "Aftermath Part Two" will feature the biggest cliffhanger yet since our five meteor shower spectators-turned superhuman fugitives had their lives turned upside down by the five mysterious light sources: The individuals behind their two-year disappearance, strange abilities, and even stranger appearance, finally reveal themselves! 

Just Imagine: A Cosmic Force Prequel: The second of the five 12-page single character stories that I will be developing, this book will chronicle the early years of Sandra "Imagine" Winters' life, from demanding parents, to having a career forced onto her, all leading up to the final twenty four hours of her old existence before the "meteor shower incident" changed all that. This one should be completed by the end of April or early May.

Mongoose Mondays in Motion:  A much more interactive version of my three-year social media illustration game series, I am now recording my figure of speech sketches in time-lapse format, and they are completed in pencil only before they are uploaded to Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Not only can fans try to name the figure of speech being displayed, but they can watch the creation of the drawing as well. I started this new version in February.

Damn Tourists #5: (No Story Title Yet)  I'm currently brainstorming possible names for the title of this issue, but the more important thing is that I know where I want to take my clueless travelers next: Florida. Driving in from the west coast after being chased out of Las Vegas, Nevada due to their unexpected good luck with casino games that drained the city's finances dry, our unknowingly obnoxious foursome enter the sunshine state and encounter theme parks, the everglades, the miami club scene, and finally, spring breakers in Ft. lauderdale. I'm shooting to have this one completed by the end of the year, or at the latest, in time for Wondercon 2019.

Exhibiting at more out-of-state comic book conventions:  I have done only one convention as an exhibitor back in June 2014: Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. That needs to change, and soon. So, this June, I will be taking a short birthday vacation to Seattle. While I will primarily be there to relax and sightsee in a city that I've always wanted to visit for the last eight years, I will also be checking out the downtown convention center and surrounding areas, getting familiar with them, as the wildly successful Emerald City Comic Convention takes place at that site every March. And I may possibly try to exhibit at another out of state show this September in nearby Portland Oregon: Rose City Comic Con.

So, that's about it for all the Carter Comics happenings. I'm making it my mission this year to be very choosy when it comes to tabling at cons and art festivals, so I can have more time to complete new material, and at the same time, focus on shows that I either have been successful at previously, or new shows that I have a good feeling about. Check back here around late springtime for a report on how it pans out so far. Until then!