Just Imagine arrives in the mail, update on expanded role at Comic Invasion, and next projects!

Greetings fans!

Just getting over a sore throat (and thankfully nothing worse than that since I recently got my flu shot), but luckily that's where the bad news ends. I'm overjoyed to

say that not only was my second Cosmic force Prequel "Just Imagine" completed a week ago, but over the weekend my first 20-copy order of the book showed up in the mail a

week earlier than expected. I originally expected it to be shipped by the end of this week in time for my final show of the year Comic Invasion Saturday October 20th (more on that later), but now it will be ready for my second-to-last show at Monterey Park Artwalk and Geranium Festival this Saturday. I did a live unboxing on my Cosmic Force fan page at facebook.com/forcecosmic, and did quick summaries for each of the 12 pages documenting the early life of Sandra "Imagine" Winters, ending with her last night of a normal life before the "meteor shower incident." This new book will be on sale for $4.00 (like my first prequel "The Man with a Short Fuse") at this Saturday's Artwalk in Monterey Park, and like all of my books, I will be signing purchased copies of them.

Also as I mentioned in the first paragraph, I was offered a volunteering opportunity at next Saturday's Comic Invasion on October 20 (City of Commerce Public Library from 10 am to 3pm, free admission) in addition to my role as an artist vendor at the event. I will be the head of an artist workshop encouraging kids (and maybe some adults/parents) to create their own superheroes using live drawing demonstrations. While I've always been a little nervous about any type of public speaking, having it be art-related will really help me get out of my comfort zone and try some new challenges. I had some practice with this earlier in the year at my first panel, speaking along with four other artist friends of mine at May's Comic Con Revolution in Ontario (California). I'm nervous and excited for it, so we'll see how it turns out.

Lastly are my next comic projects coming down the pipe: My first batch of Cosmic Force trading cards (starting with de-facto leader Imagine and later the rest of the quintet), the long-awaited fifth issue of "Damn Tourists" titled "East Coast California," which will take place in Florida, my first Damn Tourists trade paperback (that will include the first four single issues of the humorous series in one book), my third Cosmic Force Prequel called "Doom and Gloom," documenting the early life of Bryan "Gloom" Snarski, his distant relationship with his uncle as a child, and the mystery surrounding the whereabouts of his parents, and finally (but not really), my seventh issue of the main "Cosmic Force" series, where are fivesome and reporter friend Shannon Lima have been captured by rogue government task force Operative Fifty-One, and have to either find some way to save themselves, or be saved by someone (or something) else.

The current plan is to have the trading cards, Damn Tourists issue 5, and the DT Trade completed in time for at least Wondercon next year, which is usually my biggest

show of the year. All other projects listed should be completed in time for the following year's spring shows at least.

Have a great week!


Allen Carter

Carter Comics