Carter Comics books and swag!

Greetings fans!
Before I start, my apologies for the late arrival of this week's newsletter. I've been under the weather since Tuesday and needed some rest. I'm in almost-full recovery mode now, so it's back to the grind!

Before I got sick, I made several product orders for my three series: Damn Tourists, Cosmic Force, and Mr. Figure-Of-Speech Mongoose. Re-orders of the illustration game books Mongoose Music Mondays, Mongoose Mondays Figures of Speech, along with a new christmas game book called "A Mongoose Hawaiian 12 Days of Christmas should be ready for sale at my new last show of the year next month (more on that later). To complement this book order, a set of 100 manga size comic bags will be used to cover my smaller-than normal books. On the Damn Tourists side, while I am still working on the issue five story outline, I have ordered a limited amount of Damn Tourists postcard magnets for fans to place on their fridge (as almost all of us have one), or other metal devices. Last, but certainly not least, is the swag order for the Cosmic Force. Two orders of trading cards featuring C-Force members Sandra "Imagine" Winters and Daniel "Fuse" Stafford have been made in association with the two prequel comics I completed recently featuring the same two characters. Much like my Mongoose books, each card will be placed in a protective clear sleeve to prevent any damage from the elements.

And what will I be doing with all these new products? Why, selling them at a Holiday Art Fair of course. As you will recall, I vowed that Comic Book Invasion at Commerce Public Library back on October 20th would be my final show of the year. However, a good friend of mine presented me with a great opportunity (time and money-wise) in the form of an art fair called The Honey Pot, which will take place Saturday December 22nd from noon to 6 pm at The Hive Art Gallery and Studios, located at 729 Spring Street in Downtown LA. Admission will be free, so come on down next month and get your last-minute christmas shopping done picking up gifts that you just won't find anywhere else!

Well, that's about it for this week. Before I go, a quick note on the December schedule for the games: I was originally planning on doing a timelapse pencil, ink, and color version of M-3 on the English version of the 12 Days of Christmas from this Saturday December 1st, to Wednesday December 12th (as I did the Hawaiian version last year). Unfortunately due to my illness earlier this week, I lost two productivity days, and I won't be able to record those games in time with my busy schedule. Instead, I will bring back my Mongoose Monday Christmas Song Illustrations that I did from 2013-2015. Like my weekly games, you just guess the Christmas song that Mr. FOS Mongoose is acting out in the illustration. There is one more change with this game though: Instead of using full digitally colored illustrations to post on social media, I will be hand-coloring these drawings (Mr FOS Mongoose only due to the cost of specialty markers), taking pictures of them and posting them on the five Mondays in December. Once my final show appearance at The Honey Pot rolls around on the 22nd, I will be taking the first four of those drawings and selling them for $5 in my portfolio. I hope to see some of you there, and have a great week! (Just drive, walk, or bike carefully during LA's first winter storm)

Allen Carter

Carter Comics