Just Imagine Prequel progress and Bowling:

Never thought those two things would go together, huh? Well they do in MY world!


Seriously though, I am happy to say that I got the ball rolling last week with my second 12-page Cosmic Force Prequel story "Just Imagine."  The first three pages have now been pencilled, inked, and colored. This story, like my first prequel "The Man with a Short Fuse," focuses on the early life of a single member of the Cosmic Force, taking place a full 24 hours before the "meteor shower incident" in Cosmic Force #1. While "Fuse" chronicled the rocky marriage of public defender Daniel Stafford (later code-named 'Fuse') and his then-wife, hotel manager Susan James, "Imagine" takes you back to the childhood days of former nurse Sandra Winters, who as her current codename Imagine states, had been a daydreamer since she was a child, much to the dismay of her regimented parents William and Dora, who were both doctors. Both her parents crushed her dreams of being a singer or dancer, due to those career's uncertain finances, and forced her into the medical field. Intrigued so far? Well, the rest of it should be finished by September, in time for my next confirmed show: Open Arts and Music Festival Glendale on Saturday September 15th.

As mentioned in the email headline, I also found time to hit a few pins (but mostly get gutter balls) at a local bowling alley for a friend and co-worker's birthday. It was great seeing her and other current and former co-worker's again, and the social experience more than made up for my poor bowling skills.

Well, that's about it for this week. My apologies if this newsletter is short, but that's the life of an indy creator: some weeks are busy, some not so busy. Before I go, I would like to ask those of you who purchased any issue of Damn Tourists to please post a review of the book when you get a chance at: http://www.indyplanet.us/carter-comics. It would really help me to get your feedback on what you like and may not like about that series, which has been my most popular at comic conventions. So stay cool during this extended heat wave here in Southern California and have a fantastic week!




Allen Carter

Carter Comics