Train Trouble, and "Just Imagine" almost done.

Good morning fans!
Yes, those three things I mentioned in this email header all happened over the weekend. Let's get the bad stuff out of the way first, and work our way up to the good: 

Metro Expo Line Train Breakdown: As some of you may or may not know, I am a frequent passenger on LA Metro (mostly rail, though I take an express bus to and from work). I do own a car, but after driving in LA for 13 years, my tolerance for traffic, finding parking, and inconsiderate/inattentive drivers has waned considerably. I only drive during late nights at work, grocery shopping trips, carpools, or transporting my displays to comic conventions or artwalks. Anyway, while enjoying a relaxing Saturday afternoon leaving lunch at Santa Monica, several passengers and I found ourselves stranded on the Metro Expo Line, a light rail line that connects Downtown Santa Monica with Downtown Los Angeles. The operator could not move our train in either direction, and we were stuck on the tracks far between to rail stations. The operator then exited the train without any explanation as to where he was going, leaving all of us wondering what we're going to do. 40 minutes later an empty train (probably sent from the rail yard near Santa Monica College) arrives to pick all of us up. There was once last challenge, however: transferring between two high-floor trains via railroad tracks. Everyone needed to use one train door which had small metal steps beneath it on the outside. Older passengers needed further assistance with a stepladder. Eventually we were all loaded onto the new train and headed back to Downtown LA, but it was a confusing and frustrating ordeal mostly due to the lack of communication between the operator and the passengers. As someone who for the most part enjoys Metro's service, and who hasn't been in a train breakdown before up until this point, I need to email them this week on the matter, as I would like for them to have better communication with passengers in situations like this.

Now the good stuff: "Just Imagine" has just finished (see what I did there) the digital coloring process last Friday night. All that is left before book orders are made is inserting dialogue. I'm looking at the end of this week to be completely finished and ready to order. 

As a final reminder, my next two shows are happening this weekend in Reseda and Santa Clarita. I will be attending an LA Metro Community Meeting down the street from my apartment at a local high school Saturday morning, then starting in the late afternoon that day until late afternoon Sunday, I will be at the following shows below:

Reseda Rising Artwalk and Night Market - Saturday, September 29th

18118 Sherman Way (Between Etiwanda and Lindley Avenues. Sherman Way will be CLOSED to traffic for the Artwalk)

5 PM to 10 PM

Admission FREE!

Santa Clarita Comic and Toy Expo - Sunday, September 30th

College of the Canyons

26455 Rockwell Canyon Road

10 AM to 5 PM

Admission is $5 online at

Kids 10 and under are FREE!

Hope to see alot of you at one, or both shows this weekend!


Allen Carter

Carter Comics