Denver Pop Culture Con thoughts and a convention break:

Happy June fans!

It's not just a happy month because of my birthday next week, the first few days of June (and the last weekend in May) were incredibly hectic in the best way possible. I was in Denver for their re-branded Pop Culture Con May 31-June 2, and visiting distant relatives the day after. The show was quite the step-up from Awesome Con DC in terms of sales and customer interaction (alot of that had to do with taking both my Cosmic Force and Damn Tourists 100+ page trade paperbacks with me on this business trip). Selling them for $17 each, I was able to make higher sales at a quicker pace. Overall the show didn't live up to the hype that other artists gave it last year and in previous years, when Artist Alley vendors gave the con glowing reviews based on the large amounts of attendees who were purchasing new art or books from the Artist Valley and Author Alley areas. This was sadly half the case last weekend, with alot of foot traffic in the "Alley" and Valley," but very few of those feet actually stopped to look at vendor tables. Opening day Friday was a preview show, with alot of window shopping for Saturday, in which sales didn't really start for me until the late afternoon. The final day Sunday saw two more sales in the late morning and mid-afternoon. Some artists felt that the name change and lack of high-profile celebrity guests hurt attendance and sales for this year's show. I definitely agree with the name change, as talk of the show at a diner near my hotel Friday morning (thanks to news coverage of the con on the diner's TV) was already negative when the new "Pop Culture Con" name was mentioned. Something this trivial should be a non-issue with a convention, but even the small things can affect people's feelings (and in turn their wallets) toward and event like this. A special thanks goes out to my cousin and her son for visiting me at my table, and purchasing some books, as they helped out alot with my sales. While the overall show was just ok (and possibly not good enough for a return next year), The cosplay was top-notch---especially on Saturday, and the exhibitor security process was very pleasant with none of the long lines out the door that I had heard about last year. It was also nice to have so many other California-based artists there to chat with, either returning to the show, or exhibiting for the first time like me.

Now, with DPCC being my 11th show so far this year, and the second out-of-state show I flew my con setup to, I decided that now until September is the perfect time to step away from doing shows in order to finish new comic projects: Specifically Damn Tourists #5, which is behind schedule due to said shows. With my next show not until September 14th, that should give me enough time to finish the 24-page fifth issue starring the clueless traveling foursome. I'm currently planning to finish digital coloring of the first ten pages by Monday. With six of the ten pages already colored, this is more than doable. The only other appearance I will be making is just for my voice, as I was invited to a audio podcast discussion on the upcoming Dark Phoenix film next Saturday, June 15th. I'll provide more details about this on my page as this date draws closer.

Well, that's it for this month. Hope to see you back here in July for two announcements regarding my comic process, and the future of Mongoose Monthlies in Motion. Have a great month!


Allen Carter

Carter Comics