Happy Fourth everyone!

Hope you all are enjoying your holiday weekend! Quite alot has happened with Carter Comics for the month of June, with a few more surprises in store for July and beyond, so let's get started with discussing it all:

Aside from June being my birthday month, it was also the month where I was a part of two podcasts: A Dark Phoenix discussion on June 17th (available to listen at: http://fanbasepress.com/index.php/audio/podcasts/the-fanbase-weekly/item/10037-fanbase-feature-panel-discussion-on-dark-phoenix?fbclid=IwAR2VZ1MjK5zrdzJ6CXAtDeWP4GAY44LK8G19SxHEOGij-TdaxmZMI-QXfks), and a shorter but just as entertaining 100 podcast episode celebration (available to listen at: http://fanbasepress.com/index.php/audio/podcasts/the-fanbase-weekly/item/10059-the-fanbase-weekly-episode-100?fbclid=IwAR1hrd_MScCJrrL3Ky_7INkXSLLPt6oVVoatdQ8-ZqC7dY8dUuUIvjOFCVo). I also ended the run of my Mr. Figure-of-Speech Mongoose and the Mongoose Monthlies timelapse illustrations (with the last one posted last Monday), and put plans in motion to travel back home to Honolulu, Hawaii to both exhibit at the Amazing Comic Con Aloha convention, and visit friends and family.

As for this month and beyond: I am still hard at work on Damn Tourists issue 5 (nearing 20 out of 30 comic pages illustrated), prepping said comic for three artwalks from September to October, possibly returning to the San Fernando Valley Comic Con in August, and considering exhibiting at another new out-of-state show in Albuquerque next summer. Tentatively, my next show will be:

Open Arts and Music Festival Glendale

Saturday September 14th

3 pm to 10 pm

216 Brand Blvd (on Brand between California and Wilson)


That's all for July. By this time next month I will be nearing the final 10 pages (21-30) of the much-anticipated fifth issue of Damn Tourists,where are clueless foursome wreak their unintentional havoc in Florida. Until then, enjoy the summer and stay cool!


Allen Carter

Carter Comics