Return to the Grind!

Greetings fans! Hard to believe that it’s September already. Labor Day just whizzed right by me! Quite alot happened over the past month in the world of Carter Comics, including the tentative completion of Damn Tourists issue five, a revamp of my audio agenda facebook broadcast, and setting up an online T-shirt Shop. Even more is scheduled to go down with my return to the Convention / Art Festival circuit for the fall, so let’s get started in discussing all these happenings:

DAMN TOURISTS #5: EAST COAST CALIFORNIA: Despite the constant delays in completing this issue (I was originally scheduled to finish the entire book by the end of August), I was still able to make enough progress that I finished all illustrations for the 30-page issue. Specifically, the last ten pages (21-30) have fully pencilled work and are awaiting the inking process, while pages 11-20 are in the digital coloring process. Currently pages 1-16 are fully colored, with the final step involving the additon of dialogue and narration bubbles before sending the book off to be printed. This fifth edition chronicles the adventures of our clueless traveling foursome with superhumanly-annoying vacation habits in the Sunshine State of Florida. Fully aware of their unintentionally destructive behavior thanks to news reports of what they did previously in Las Vegas, visitor destinations such as hotels, Everglades National Park, and a parody of Walt Disney World (called “You’d Better Smile World”) attempt to prepare for their arrival with such reinforcements as protective glasses, ear muffs, and aspirin, but to no avail for them sadly. Want to know where else they go in the state, or how long said state puts up with them? You can read it for yourself next month!

NEW T-SHIRTS: As mentioned in my opening paragraph, a new online store has been set up for Carter Comics apparel. Currently, a Damn Tourists and Carter Comics logo short-sleeve shirts in all sizes has been ordered by yours truly for two out of the three September shows I am appearing at. Thanks to for the easy shirt design and store set-up. Once my test orders arrive, other quantities of shirts should be available online, and I may possibly purchase a bulk of shirts myself to sell at a few shows.

FALL CONVENTION AND ART FESTIVAL SCHEDULE: Here’s the biggest news of them all: After taking three months off following June’s Denver Pop Culture Con to finish Damn Tourists #5, I return to the Convention Circuit starting this month with two artwalks and one local comic/toy show. The info for those three shows is below:

Open Arts and Music Festival

Saturday, September 14th

3 pm to 10 pm

216 Brand Blvd in front of Alex Theater (Brand will be closed between California and Wilson for the festival)


Reseda Rising Artwalk and Night Market

Saturday, September 21st

5 pm to 10 pm

18118 Sherman Way (Sherman Way will be closed between Etiwanda and Lindley for the Artwalk)


San Fernando Valley Comic Con

Sunday, September 22nd

10 am to 4 pm

Granada Pavilion at 11128 Balboa Blvd (corner of Balboa and San Fernando Mission blvds.)


Well, that’s if for this month. Hope to see you all at one, two, or all three of these upcoming shows! See you back here in October!


Allen Carter

Carter Comics